ANdover town band

Music leaders


Steve Large


David WiLDS


Marie Wilds

The team of music leaders all commit themselves to working with each player so that they can attain thier potential. Steve Large is the Musical Director for the Town Band, his life long brass banding passion started at the age of 2, when his father gave him a go at conducting with his baton. He has since gone on to enjoy an outstanding musical career, first within the Salvation Army, and then when moving to Hampshire to enjoy 22 years with Test Valley Brass before more latterly setting up Andover Town Band. Steve was awarded the BEM for services to brass band music in the 2014 New Year’s Honours List. 


David Wilds leads the Youth and Community band and has years of experience as brass players with a passion to inspire, teach develop players and groups. Dave also composes and arranges music for ATB to play.


Marie Wilds who plays Tenor Horn, has the challenging role of leading the Prospects learners group, she takes a person from their first attempts to blow a note to playing tunes togeather in a small group, before the player can move up into the next group.