ANdover town band

More about ATB

Andover Town Band (ATB) aims to play, and promote the playing of, brass band music to encourage and develop players and to entertain audiences, both in the local community and further afield. In support of these objectives, different groups have been established.

Prospects is a beginners’ group for people who have never played a brass instrument before.

The Youth and Community Band is for those developing their skills, and wanting to progress on from the basics to playing more challenging music.

The Town Band is for more experainced players and by invitation and the music is much more demanding, it represents Andover Town Band in regional and national competitions.

Other combinations of players are sometimes formed, for instance to play in training band contests or to perform at events where a smaller ensemble is required.

All Andover Town Band groups and ensembles share an important aim – to improve. We all want to play as well as we are able, individually and collectively.

Andover Town Band has enjoyed considerable success in the Wessex and West of England championships, our developing players have also won many trophies in the Wessex Training Band contest.

The ATB family of bands also tours abroad to represent Andover and share the fun and enjoyment, that is brass banding

  • 2012 Italian Alps
  • 2014 Germany/Luxembourg
  • 2016 Rome
  • 2019 Portugal


The History of Andover Town Band 

Historical records refer to Andover Town band being in existence around World War 1 through into the 1930’s, the photo’s below show the band at that time. If you’d like to know more or have any historical information or pictures about Andover Town Band then please get in contact with us


In November 2010 something very special happened, a group of individuals set about reforming the Andover Town Band of old with the sole aim of providing a unique brass band experience from the complete beginner to top class players.

After just a short time it was realised that we had something special which you can hear from every note played, members play for enjoyment and are committed to promoting the band to all walks of life.